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Batman Judge Dredd: Judgement on Gotham

Batman Judge Dredd: Judgement on Gotham

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An epic crossover comic book event that brings together two of the most iconic heroes in comics.

Written by John Wagner and Alan Grant, with art by Simon Bisley and Carl Critchlow, Judgment on Gotham sees Batman teaming up with Judge Dredd, the legendary lawman of Mega-City One. When Dredd's archenemy, Judge Death, escapes into the multiverse and ends up in Gotham City, the two heroes must work together to stop him before he can destroy both their worlds.

Featuring pulse-pounding action, incredible artwork, and a gripping storyline, Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgment on Gotham is a must-read for fans of both characters and the wider world of comics. This collection also includes exclusive bonus material, including behind-the-scenes concept art and commentary from the creative team.

Whether you're a longtime fan of Batman and Judge Dredd or a newcomer to the series, Judgment on Gotham is the perfect addition to your collection. So pick up a copy today and experience the ultimate team-up between two of the greatest heroes in comics!

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