Doom #1 2024 Maria Wolf Variant Raw or Graded and Slabbed You Decide!!

Doom #1 2024 Maria Wolf Variant Raw or Graded and Slabbed You Decide!!

Doom #1 Maria Wolf Variant is a variant cover of Doom #1 (2024), designed by Maria Wolf Lopez. Maria is an accomplished indigenous illustrator whose art is very dark and captures the Darkness within the concept they are utilizing. The art for this cover is no different it perfectly captures Doctor Doom and how rich he is, but it also gives you a sense of powers derived from beyond.  When I look at this cover, I can see that Doom is Very rich as well as powerful. To me that perfectly captures, overall, what Doom is. He is a villain at heart who was able to rise above who he is and become something better.  When I look at the cover, I see a person who is rich, powerful and could do mystic arts. 

This cover is the perfect addition to any collection as Maria Wolf Lopez is the perfect artist to capture what Doom is and it is beautifully illustrated on this cover. The only thing that would make this even more collectible is to encapsulate it in a slab to display with a grade that states this Comic is in pristine condition. Being able to view this comic in a display with other comics perhaps by the same artist or similar artists, gives you the ability to show off your favorite comic as well as keeping it from getting damaged. Displaying this in a CGC Slabbed and Graded comic is the only way to truly give credit to the absolute stunning artwork of Maria Wolf Lopez.  

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