Doom #1 2024 Story to Get You Excited About the Cover!!!

Doom #1 2024 Story to Get You Excited About the Cover!!!

Doom #1 (2024) is a rich story about two people who came from different places but now have a common goal to save the universe they both live in. 2 years After an epic battle with Galactus, who was on a rampage to destroy every world including our beloved Earth. Doom himself tried to stop Galuctus, and due to the laws of nature being disrupted he failed. The superheroes were banded together and should have won; however the Earth was shattered, and Doom was launched further into space from the energy displaced from the shattering of Earth. Valeria finds Doom and she has a plan. 

Veleria discovers Doom floating in space with debris from our dead world. She needs to revive him and get his help in Destroying Galactus by getting more power than anyone has ever controlled and harnessing it for their use. This will be a long and treacherous journey which this story beautifully opens with the stunning artwork and the grouping of heroes from Earth 616. The chaos is overwhelming when you think about what has happened. Somehow, the artwork gets you through it and wanting more story. 

I am excited to read this entire story and see how Valeria and Doom come out on top and defeat Galactus and hopefully bring back the Earth as we know it before it was destroyed. The art alone will not get us through this story, however, so the writers need to step up their game to allow for more believable situations and story lines. Doom is a controversy in nature but not enough to have readers coming back for more. Overall Doom #1 is a great read and there are many Variants to the cover allowing for to be collected in all its glory starting with a CGC graded and slabbed Doom #1 Maria Wolf Variant cover. 

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