Doom #1 Maria Wolf Variant is Hot!!! Check It Out!!!

Doom #1 Maria Wolf Variant is Hot!!! Check It Out!!!

Victor Von Doom had a difficult childhood which he overcame and became one of the world’s most advanced scientists. He made his childhood home one of the most sophisticated in the world and renamed it Doomstadt (previously Haasenstadt). He set out to save his mother from a Demon that she promised her soul when she passed. He finally carried out this task nearly killing himself in the process in a fight to the death with Reed Richards. A being called Hyperstorm saved them and brought them back a time later. 

Doctor Doom has many enemies as he would either like to rule the world or destroy it. He has nearly carried out this task with the help of his Doombots and the Latverian Gypsy Boris who promised the elder Von Doom he would watch over his son as he lay dying. The fantastic Four has thwarted his attempts and without them he would have ruled the world long ago. There are many things that Doctor Doom has carried out despite this. He managed to convince Sue Richards to name her daughter after his love that was lost Valeria, after Doctor Doom saved her with his vast knowledge and technology.  

Doctor Doom Ultimately became a hero, after Reed Richards saved the day once again and on top of that also healed Victor Von Doom’s face in the process. Doctor Doom now has become Tony Stark’s moniker of Iron Man and run as a hero, even going so far as to catch Super Villains and talk other crusaders into his new paradigm, albeit in the scandalous Doctor Doom ego. 

This is where Doom # 1 2024 picks up with Doctor Doom and Veleria set out to achieve more power than anyone has ever harnessed to stop Galactus, from destroying the universe. This has me excited for this story as now that Doom is a Hero we can see what he can really do. Being an uber baddy is the easy part, anyone can destroy and control. Compassion is where we find the true heroics, the ability to put others above yourself, this will always be a constant struggle for Doom because he has an unfathomable appetite for destruction and self-preservation. Pick up your copy of Doom #1 today and enjoy the story of Doom. 

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