The adventures of Skulley the Skelehero

The adventures of Skulley the Skelehero

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So, we thought it would be fun to develop a comic for our Mascot as you can see it is the skull (Skulley) and the Axe (his weapon). Here is Skulley ‘s story:

Skulley is a skeleton in the dungeon, and he spends his days exploring the dungeon and talking to his skeleton friends. One day in the dungeon he spotted a normal and this is how it played out:

Skulley Yelled “Hey, what are you doing Here?”

The Hero stated, “I am looking for the Princess, have you seen her?”

The Hero was carrying a huge Axe which was the size of Skulleys torso. The Hero didn’t seem like the size bothered him at all. Skulley walked down the stairs towards the Hero to try to get him out of the Dungeon. As he was walking, he did not notice a decent sized rock that was lodged in the sand of the stone staircase. Skulley tripped and fell into the Hero. Knocking the Axe out of the Heros hands and landing right next to skulley who landed behind the Hero. Skulley immediately got up and picked up the Axe which was way too heavy for him, and he started to sway.

The Hero Started Yelling, “It’s rude to pick up someone else's Axe!”

Skulley was still swaying and trying to balance the Axe in his hands while moving towards the Hero. The Hero had fallen to the ground as Skulley Fell into him from the stone staircase. Skulley lost control of the Axe altogether when he tripped over another rock, the Axe slipped out of Skulley’s hands and went high into the air spinning uncontrollably.

The Hero Screamed “AGGGHHHH” as Skulley heard the Heros head being chopped off. A loud thump and a little bit of squish as the head fell to the ground. The Axe had been thrown in the air at the perfect angle and the right amount of force to take the Heros head off.

Skulley yelled “Oh no, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen. I am just so clumsy”

Another skeleton came out of a hiding spot and several more followed they were chanting “Hip! Hip! Hooray! Skulley, Skulley, Skulley. He is the skelehero we have been longing for, the Hero types always come in here and hunt for treasure and look for captured people. They are always killing us skelepeople. Finally, we have a skelehero”

Skulley picked up the Axe and raised it over his head in triumph. As he did this the axe fell towards his head and knocked it clean off his shoulders. Luckily for the skelepeople that is an easy fix.

The Dungeon was never the same after that, as the stories of Skulley got to the Normals, they decided that this Dungeon was too dangerous to visit. Until, however, the new Hero came and set out to conquer the skelehero and become the most valiant warrior around. But that is a story for another time....

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